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"OMG this was the best lamb in the world!
Even the chops were lovely but the slow-roasted shoulder
(cooked at about 135*C for 5 hours and rested under foil for 30 min)
was fall off the bone tender with crispy skin.
I just marinated it in fine olive oil, sea salt and cracked pepper for 48 hrs,
turning the meat occasionally - no need for garlic or rosemary
as they would have detracted from the taste of the sweet lamb.
I also made a light lamb gravy/jus from the pan juices
which highlighted the lab beautifully.
I tipped all the oil off and then scraped up the crispy
pan juices with a mix of white wine (200ml) and
chicken stock (200ml) and reduced for 5-10 min."

- Karen Mardel, Melbourne

Premium Lamb Packs

There are four different lamb packs - the Rutherglen Roast,
Quick Cook, Chefs' Choice, and Family Traditional.
Each pack contains a whole lamb cut, vacuum-packed
and labeled into meal-sized portions for your convenience.
Minimum pack weight is 12kg of lamb.

Optimum eating quality

Lambs are carefully appraised to fit tight specifications and
are chilled for five days to guarantee optimum eating quality.
Our lambs are carefully handled from the paddock
right through to delivery at your door.

Quality Assurance

Renowned throughout North East Victoria,
our butcher at Finer Food Pantry in Wangaratta
sets new benchmarks for excellence in
innovative cutting and packaging.

Milk Fed Lambs

Milk fed baby lamb is a specialist product for chefs
and restaurateurs looking for year round quality,
delicate flavour and consistency.
Milk fed lambs weigh 12-14kg.


Delivery is made by refrigerated courier to your door -
ensuring you receive your lamb in the same
perfect condition in which it left our butcher.


The easiest way to order is directly from the Products page.
After making your selection(s), Click on the BUY NOW buttons to complete your order.
Your order is processed and completed via PayPal - we will then be in contact to arrange delivery.
Alternatively, you can place your order by phoning Jenny Anderson direct on 0427 251 657 (mobile),
or by emailing : rutherglenlamb@gmail.com with your name and details
product selection(s), and address for delivery.

Please note that payment in full must be made prior to delivery of your lamb pack or milk fed lamb, thankyou!

And of course - please phone or email for any queries you may have regarding our products, payment methods, or delivery arrangements etc....

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'Produce to Platter: High Country' Book

Now Available


Rutherglen Premium Lamb is featured in
'Produce to Platter: High Country' -
Smudge Publishing's beautiful new book
on food & wine producers from
North East Victoria's high country region.

"Through the eyes of locals who are dedicated
to making the best regional food and wine,
you will discover new taste sensations that
have been foraged from wineries, restaurants,
farm gates and more in this arm-chair journey
through the Victorian High Country."

"Strap on your belts and enjoy the journey
through this vast, historic territory of hilly
grasslands, bubbling estuaries and snowy alps.
The stories, photography and recipes will entice
you to visit and take home the delights
of these six regions encapsulated in
'Produce to Platter, Victoria's High Country'."

The book is available to purchase in two hardcover sizes -
Big Hardcover: 235x300mm 327pp / $69.99 + $15.00 postage
Small Hardcover: 180x230mm 327pp / $39.99 + $12.50 postage

To Order, Phone Rutherglen Lamb on 0357 251 657
or use the PayPal Purchase buttons next to each title
Big Hardcover
235x300mm 327pp /
$69.99 + $15.00 postage

Small Hardcover
180x230mm 327pp /
$39.99 + $12.50 postage



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Class of 2012

Young lambs in the yards, June 2012


Autumn 2012

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Spring 2011

Spring Has Sprung!


15/6/2011 'Sirens Of The Lambs' feature -
'Epicure' - The Age

Rutherglen Lamb has recently been featured in
The Age newspaper's 'Epicure' section.
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